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9 Sep September

Sounds from Colombian life

A special one here comprising of short selections of sounds that I passed through during last week here in Colombia. These SoundScapes are separated by short periods of silence. Try having a listen with earphones and try to think about what you are hearing and imagine what might be happening around. In case you just can't wait here is a short description of the order of soundscapes.

  • Anden rain at night.
  • Rural farmers working on a property deal at a road side cafe.
  • Soviet era Czechoslovakian machinery used in sugarcane milling.
  • Birds song and children playing football in a traditional Colombian town square.
  • Riding the C1 bus from Las Aguas along Calle 19 in Bogotá.
  • Music at a Colombian church during the moment of communion.
  • The 'Gracias' from the contactless turnstile upon boarding and paying to ride a Bogotá SITP public bus.